Aquaroo FAQs


Who is Aquaroo?

The idea for Aquaroo was born when Katy's youngest was ready for the water and her toddler was just getting comfortable splashing around on her own. When her son preferred to be held, instead of hanging out in the floatie, he became a slippery armful that made pooltime challenging. Katy knew there had to be a better way to play with her kids in the water.

Why did you create the Aquaroo?

Katy loves how every day is a new adventure with her family. One of their favorite activities is spending time together at the pool.

Where is Aquaroo located?

We are based in Boise, ID and Mill Valley, CA. Our warehouse is in American Fork, UT.

Our Products

Where do I use the Aquaroo?

The Aquaroo was created for use in and around calm water. Only go in water depth where you can maintain control. Use in calm water - never use in moving or rough water, with waves or strong currents. The Aquaroo is not intended for ordinary wearing in non-water situations as the neoprene fabric can trap heat. Because of this, always limit time used out of water and monitor child for signs of overheating.

When can I start using the Aquaroo?

The Aquaroo Baby Carrier is intended for use for children between 12lb and 30lbs. Child must be able to consistently support the weight of its head and neck before use.

How do I put on/take off the Aquaroo?

Always follow the use instructions. For your convenience you can find the full instruction manual, including video instructions found on the product page.

Can I wear the Aquaroo outside of water?

The Aquaroo neoprene fabric can trap heat. Because of this, limit time used out of water to brief periods and monitor child carefully for temperature for signs of overheating.

What is the Aquaroo fabric made of?

The Aquaroo is 85% neoprene, making it unique for your water adventures.

How do I care for my Aquaroo?

Following these cleaning instructions immediately after use (instructions can be found on the product page). Be sure to regularly inspect your Aquaroo for any signs of wear and tear and discontinue use if damaged.

How do I safely use the Aquaroo?

The Aquaroo was created with human interaction experts and parents to safely meet your water baby carrier needs. Read and follow all warnings, instructions for safe use, and procedures before using the Aquaroo. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to ensure that all users are aware of and follow all warnings and precautions. Use only as described. The Aquaroo is only intended for use in and around calm water. Always carefully monitor baby’s face and body while wearing baby in Aquaroo. Misuse of this carrier may result in serious injury or death. Regularly inspect your Aquaroo for any signs of wear and tear. Always contact Aquaroo if you have any questions about the safe use and care of the Aquaroo.

Shipping / Delivery

How much is shipping?

We offer free standard shipping on all purchases within the domestic United States. This shipping method should arrive to your door in 5-8 business days, in time to catch that flight to warmer weather. If not, we have to more options available. Expedited and Express.

Are there faster shipping options available?

We offer two additional shipping options, Expedited and Express. These are also for within the United States. Expedited has an additional cost and arrives to your door in 3-4 business days. Express is our fastest option, a slightly larger cost, and should arrive in 1-2 business days.

Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

Don't worry, we have you covered! And our shipping prices remain the same, but the delivery window will be increased.

Cancels & Returns

How do I complete a return?

We accept returns within 30 days of receiving your Aquaroo for a full refund of the carrier. Aquaroo must be unused and unworn with the Product Registration card still attached. Once you initiate a return, please send the carrier back to us within 7 days of your return initiation. Your return is subject to cancellation if it is shipped outside of this window. Once we process the return, you should see the credit back to your account, less $10 for the return shipping label, in 7-14 business days.

How long with my return take?

Once you have contacted, we will send you a return shipping label. We know it will be hard to say goodbye to that stylish wet bag, but pack everything back in box and send it our way. Once we process the return, you should see the credit back to your account in 7-14 business days.


What types of payment methods do you accept?

Currently we offer credit card payments as well as a PayPal option.