the aquaroo baby carrier
the aquaroo baby carrier
the aquaroo baby carrier
the aquaroo baby carrier
the aquaroo baby carrier
the aquaroo baby carrier
the aquaroo baby carrier
the aquaroo baby carrier
the aquaroo baby carrier
the aquaroo baby carrier
The Aquaroo Baby Carrier

 Aquaroo Baby Carrier

Made from the same material as wetsuits, the Aquaroo Baby Carrier is designed for the water.

The Aquaroo Baby Carrier is intended for children between 12-30lbs. The soft elastic trim and flexible head support will keep your child all smiles whether facing inward or outward. Swim time just got a whole lot easier.


High Quality Materials for a soft cuddling experience

Worry-free water activities are now possible!

Keep your hands free and your baby safe at all time!

What Our Customers Say


Perfect for
Busy Parents

Easy To Use

Lightweight & Sturdy Design

It doesn't slip! Easy care and quick drying!

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Enjoy The Water Without Fuss!

Baby Can Sit Comfortably & Enjoy

Lightweight Design

Waterproof Material Made To Dry Quickly

Safety Above Everything

For our Founder, a mom of 4, safety was at the forefront of Aquaroo’s creation and development. The Aquaroo endured several rounds of parent-focused user testing as well as years of rigorous 3rd-party testing to ensure CPSC carrier compliance. This testing included both wet and dry structural integrity, extreme heat, flammability, and chemical testing. Further, Aquaroo partnered with independent safety consultants and a human factors psychologist specializing in consumer product safety to address issues relating to foreseeable use and reasonable behavior factors in order to mitigate potential harmful situations by drafting comprehensive instructions for use and warning labels. Please follow all instructions for use when enjoying the Aquaroo.

Frequently Asked Question

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New Year, New Adventures!

Grab your Aquaroo and get in the water with your bundle of joy!

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