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Katy Gildengorin Tue, Apr 2, 3:39 PM (22 hours ago) to me Tiny Athletes in the Making: How to Get Your Toddler or Infant Involved in Sports (Sort Of!)

They may not be ready for the Olympics just yet, but toddlers and infants have a natural desire to move, explore, and play. Here's how you can channel that energy and introduce them to the wonderful world of sports – in a way that's fun, safe, and age-appropriate!

For the Littlest Locomotors (Infants):

  • Sing & Move: Turn everyday routines into mini sporting events. Cheer them on during diaper changes ("Go, go, speedy diaper change!") or sing action songs while bouncing them gently ("This little baby went up and down, up and down...").
  • Water Games: Bath time can be a splashing good time! Let your infant kick their legs in the water, practice reaching for colorful bath toys, or blow bubbles for them to pop with their hands (supervised play, of course!).
  • Sensory Exploration: Fill a small bin with soft balls, scarves, or crinkly paper. This "sports equipment" provides a fun way for your infant to explore textures and develop their hand-eye coordination.

For the Curious Crawlers (Toddlers):

  • Ball Fun: Toddlers are fascinated by balls! Introduce them to different sizes and textures – a soft beach ball they can push around, a colorful squishy ball for throwing and catching (gently!), or even beanbags for tossing into a laundry basket (bonus points for aiming!).
  • Obstacle Course Extravaganza: Transform your living room into an obstacle course with pillows, blankets, and chairs. Let your little one crawl, climb, and navigate their way through the "course."
  • Copycat Games: Young toddlers love to mimic what they see. Bounce a beach ball with them, kick a big, soft play ball across the room, or simply walk around the park and see if they follow suit.

Building a Sports Foundation:

  • Expose Them to Different Sports: Take your toddler to a local park and watch a friendly game of soccer or baseball. Let them experience the energy and excitement of the sport.
  • Embrace Imagination: Turn bath towels into capes for superhero races, use cardboard boxes to create a pretend "batting cage," or gather stuffed animals for a friendly bowling competition (using empty water bottles as pins!).
  • Focus on Fun, Not Competition: At this age, it's all about fostering a love for movement and physical activity. Keep things light, celebrate effort over winning, and let their laughter be the soundtrack to their intro to sports.


  • Safety First: Choose age-appropriate activities and supervise closely during playtime.
  • Keep it Short & Sweet: Attention spans are short, so plan short bursts of activity with plenty of breaks in between.
  • Lead by Example: Show your little ones how much you enjoy being active! Take them for walks, go for a bike ride together, or simply dance around the living room to their favorite tunes.

By incorporating these playful activities, you can nurture your little one's natural love for movement and lay the foundation for a lifelong enjoyment of sports!

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