Cincinnati Family - Things We Like: Summer Must-Haves for Littles

Summer Must-Haves for Littles

First off, I didn’t even know they made anything like this. Genius! My little one loves baby carriers and so does this mama – it’s the perfect way to bond with my baby while still being hands-free for my older kiddos, too. The Aquaroo isn’t only a magnificent way to bond with Baby and be in the water together, it is safe, keeping baby close at all times in the water. I love the fact it is made from wetsuit material, making it meant for the water, just like me and my baby girl.

I laughed as my 11 year old watched be walk into the pool with Baby attached to me, “Mommy! Is that supposed to go in the pool!?” He asked in shock.

The soft elastic trim and flexible head support also makes it super comfy for me and my little, plus you can face them inward or outward (my baby likes facing outward more to scope around and see what her siblings are doing.); for babies 12 – 30 pounds. Note: I recommend folloiwng the helpful guide to strapping it on securely and safely – I found it to be a little tricky at first, but the helpful video made it all clear like water. Learn more at

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